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Sheriff Robert "Bob" Norris
Sheriff Robert Norris

My Top Three Priorities
as Your Sheriff

Kootenai County Sheriff Bob Norris

#1 Protecting Your Rights 

The Right to Defend Yourself – This right is unequivocal. I am a proud supporter of Idaho’s Constitutional Right to conceal carry and for the absolute Right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones from violence. I’ve seen first-hand how politicians turn law-abiding citizens into potential felons when they pass anti-gun legislation, while simultaneously giving violent felons far-greater ability to victimize the innocent. In all cases those communities became more violent. As your Sheriff I will protect this sacred Right.

Property Rights – Your property is your property. Nobody has the right, especially the government, to seize your property without exercising due process for a crime that was committed. Whether it’s a so called “red flag” law or asset forfeiture, no citizen can be denied due process. I will protect your Property Rights. 

#2 Fighting Irresponsible Growth... And The Crime That Comes With It

Many people moved here to get away from the terrible effects of irresponsible growth only to discover it is now happening here. Those of you who've been here for a while are feeling the effects, too.

I’ve lived and worked in communities that allowed irresponsible growth to occur. In the end those communities suffered and their overall quality of life diminished. For one government official in particular, he was forced to bulldoze his problem high-density housing and start over. We should never let our community get to that point.

The driving force behind all irresponsible growth is high-density housing and a lack of vision from our government officials as to the type of community you want to have. It’s already heading down the wrong path, but it’s not too late to change the direction.

I’m asking you to get involved with your city, county and state governments and join me in my effort to help stop irresponsible growth, and make our voices heard with our government leaders as to the type of community we want and that they should be striving to build. I’m not against growth, just irresponsible growth.

#3 Government Transparency and Accountability

Privacy Rights – Your Right to privacy is being eroded every day. As your Sheriff, I believe no government entity should attempt to engage in circumventing that Right. 

The Idaho Open Meeting Law was Idaho’s way of making clear that transparency in government is essential to serving our community the best way possible. Too often hidden backroom deals are made so politicians can avoid answering for their actions. That’s not acceptable.

As your Sheriff, not only will I make the Sheriff’s Office accountable and transparent to you, the citizen, but I will expect the same from our elected officials here. I will regularly travel the County and meet with you, the citizen, to hear your concerns and identify ways to make our community better and improve our quality of life. Every politician should have to explain their position directly to his or her constituents and hear their concerns. 

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